giovedì 14 gennaio 2016

Olympia SG3 still in production?

 Looks like the SG3 is still being produced and sold somewhere in the world, because Olympia Philippines still lists this typewriter in their website among the other products .

I recently bought one of the mexican produced ones, and it should be a late 80s model; I am curious about where they are being produced now, and in what countries they're sold.
The model was introduced in the mid 1960s, and after 50 years it seems to have remained pretty much identical in its appearance, but who knows if the quality of its construction is still the same as in the old days. I don't think so.
But this means that there's still demand for manual typewriters, and once again demonstrates that what was said when Godrej and Boyce stopped production turns out to be false.

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  1. I am fairly certain that the company is sitting on a large stock of already produced machines, and that they're out of production.

    1. You are right. xD
      There are lots of them in Mexico. Most of them, still working at offices or even homes. xD

    2. I'm looking to buy one with a serial #27-932055. Does anyone know if that's made in Mexico? It has the newer cover on it like machines made after 1970. But the serial number is off.

  2. My typewriter is an Olympia SG 3 made in Mexico, in 1983. It has a square type style. In Mexico, my country, those machines were the standard mainstream models; every office has one. Yes, they still has at least one...xD

    Last Mexican Olympia SG 3 were made in the year 2007...xD

    You also can visit my typecasts made with an Olympia SG 3:

    1. Thank you very much for the information; great to know that in Mexico typewriters are still common. Also here in Italy you occasionally see a typewriter in an office. Mostly electronics,
      Sometimes an old electric.

    2. Typewriter repair workshops are still active and working in Mexico, my country. You can find huge piles of portable Olivetti Letteras there, specially the Lettera 25. xD

      You also can find at least one Olympia SG 3 there, with different carriage sizes. The Olympia SG 3 is still the Standard Typewriter in Mexico in places where there's no electricity (Oaxaca, the Mexican state where I was born, has lots of that places, and therefore lots of typewriters and other mechanical devices). xD

      On the other hand, you'll rarely see an electric or an electronic typewriter. Finding pieces for them is impossible, and it's hard seeing them still active. You'll find an Olympia SG 3 or an Olivetti Lettera 32 instead. xD