martedì 11 novembre 2014


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  1. It is interesting (although the idea was already there in the Alphasmart and earlier word processors). Some stories call it a "typewriter," but surely it's not one!

    1. Nice to hear from you, Richard.
      The article I read also called it a typewriter and I agree with you when you say it is not. It's also true that it is not a new idea, but most portable word processors like the Alphasmart have now been discontinued and I think it's nice that new ones are being developed, despite the widespread use of PCs. I think there still is a niche market for such devices, probably among professional writers.

  2. Hey, good to hear from you, Davide. I haven't heard of this Hemingwrite, but, yes, without a printer, it seems like it's half as useful as it could be. To me, anyway. I don't like cloud storage.