venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Cheap plastic typewriter

Via Remington Super-Riter (Super Beater)

Why did I write "ain't no"? I think I must stop listening to Bob Dylan's songs.

2 commenti:

  1. There are some nice plastic ones to look out for - the Triumph/Adler Tippa is a good example. And the Olivettis, of course. But I don't have scruples taking my Corona 3 for a trip on a paddle steamer or to a Type-In.

    1. It seems that Adler are not so common here in Italy, and the few i've seen for sale, had high prices and some of them were QWERTZ.
      An Olivetti would be the easiest to find down here, at a low price too. An if it's true that all the plastic ones have the same mechanics of the Lettera 32, it would definitely be a good deal.

      I guess that when you bring your Corona with you, you are a bit more attentive than usual about the bag you carry. LOL

      Thank you for posting and have a nice day.